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Molded Foam Components for Automotive

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Molded Foam Components for Automotive

The leading supplier of molded foam components for the automotive industry

Our highly engineered components improve functionality throughout the vehicle by reducing overall weight and enhancing safety performance.

Molded Foam

Components made from lightweight foam improve over-all fuel economy by replacing heavier parts traditionally made from metal and plastic. These components also capitalize on the energy absorbing properties of our foam in order to make automobiles safer in the event of a collision.

In order to meet the rigorous quality standards of the automotive industry, all of our automotive facilities are ISO & TS certified, ensuring our manufacturing process is safe, clean, and effective. Sonoco Protective Solutions manufacturing facilities are strategically located to provide just-in-time delivery of product to our customers.

Components for the automotive industry include:
  • Side impact components
  • Seating components
  • Trunk systems (Tool kits, trunk liners, load floors)
  • Head impact protection (Head rests, sun visors, pillars)
  • Upper instrument panel fillers
  • Airbag deployment doors
  • Knee bolsters
  • Steering column fillers
  • Fascia support components
  • Foam pads for pillar areas
  • Floor spacers/filler components

Auto Components and Functions

Floor Space/Filler:

Pictured above are foam floor and trunk spacers for two different makes and models of cars, including a compact sedan and a mini-SUV. These components are used to fill spaces in the chassis and/or elevate the floor areas.

Knee Bolster:

Knee bolsters made with molded foam provide energy management and higher temperature tolerances to increase reliability during a collision.

Fascia Support:

EPP components strengthen the bumper assembly, enhancing its ability to withstand impact and meet safety requirements.