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Office Furniture

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Office Furniture

Solutions across the business

While our design, testing, and material offerings help us to provide protective packaging solutions to meet the needs of many office furnishing manufacturers, we also have the unique ability to help provide product-based solutions.

Office Furniture Packaging

From standard file cabinets to odd-shaped desks and chairs, we can offer design and packaging solutions to meet your shipping and handling needs – including packaging designed for express shipments, LTL shipments and dedicated loads.

Ready-made Packaging

While custom solutions are our specialty, we also offer some standard molded parts. For example, we offer molded caster protectors that slip on the standard wheel to protect it from damage on its journey.

Molded Office Solutions

Because of our large-part molding expertise, we’ve produced molded office solutions such as a unique wall panel system for a leading office manufacturer. Using our processing capability, we can produce these ready-to-use, one-of-a-kind parts.

Packaging Solutions


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