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Advisory Services

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Advisory Services

Experience to solve any protective packaging problem

Unsolved packaging problems can quickly become larger issues that cost you and your company lots of money, or worse yet, create an unhappy customer.

Our Approach

Sonoco's Protective Solutions Division is uniquely qualified given the level of on-staff experience in the protective packaging and distribution segments.

Thinking you have a problem is only the first step in solving an issue. With today's complex distribution environment, combined with confusing packaging options, and increasing government and retail regulations, it is easy to get confused.

Over many years we have developed an approach to help our customers solve problems ranging from product shipping damage, to writing packaging specifications for major retailers, to providing detailed root cause analysis for major field failures.

Advisory Services Process Steps
    1. Interview and Planning
    2. Discovery
    3. Development
    4. Implementation
    5. Follow-up
    Advisory Services
    • Package damage analysis
    • Total package cost analysis
    • Total life cycle analysis
    • Recycling analysis
    • Pack distribution studies
    • Developing testing protocols
    • Distribution damage prevention
    • Supplier packaging requirements
    • Onsite packaging engineering
    • Packaging line layout support

      We operate more than 20 strategically located manufacturing, design and testing facilities throughout North America, providing our customers with just-in-time delivery.

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      Packaging Solutions

      Sonoco’s protective solutions come in a variety of materials and designs. Our offerings address the spectrum of customer needs – including strength, protection, affordability, reusability and recyclable options – and they can be customized to your specific requirements. 

      Packaging Solutions

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