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Material Handling Solutions

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Material Handling Solutions

You have to ship it on something

At some point all of your hard work and effort must go into the back of a truck or sea container for transportation from one location to another.

Let our experienced group help you design a unit load solution, before you find yourself in trouble. Our experienced staff of engineers have access to all types of materials, a large scale unit load test laboratory, and many different manufacturing suppliers. Let us develop the right solution to meet your unit load needs at a cost that fits your business model.

Work in Progress System

Sonoco has several options for WIP systems, from Plastic Pallets that can be recycled or used in a closed-loop system, to our transGuard™ line that uses standard totes with a custom molded interior to protect your high end products, to our collapsible custom metal based rack systems to carry large parts, then breakdown for efficient return shipping.

Packaging Solutions

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