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Molded Foam Components for HVAC/R

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Molded Foam Components for HVAC/R

Material that multitasks

The HVAC/R industry is growing more complex as equipment manufacturers look to make its units lighter, quieter, less expensive, and better insulated.

With all the demands of the industry, designers and engineers are on the lookout for new ways to design and new materials with which to design. Our molded foam components that go inside your product will help in a myriad of ways, while helping with cost reduction and sustainability goals.

Watch the video below to see the anatomy of a molded foam component concept for the HVAC industry.

Molded Foam Components Can:
  • Serve as an internal chassis to provide structure
  • Provide a thermal barrier – keeping/preventing hot or cold
  • Fill a void (take up space) while minimizing weight
  • Direct airflow in/out or within a product
  • Help with sound management
  • Serve as the outer housing
  • Reduce the required number of screws, fasteners, and other assembly mechanisms
  • Be molded with undercuts to allow for snap fitting of tubes, wires, and other components into the foam

We operate more than 20 strategically located manufacturing, design and testing facilities throughout North America, providing our customers with just-in-time delivery.

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