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Lab Testing

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Lab Testing

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ISTA 1A, 2B, 3E, ASTM D4169, D642, UPS Specifications, Sears UPI, Costco Guidelines, Big Box Rules, Walmart Requirements - Confused? Let Sonoco help!

Testing and Facilities
  • All ISTA current protocols
  • Capabilities range from small package to full pallet
  • Random vibration
  • Mechanical vibration
  • Environmental conditioning chamber
  • Large package free fall drop
  • Small package free fall drop
  • Compression - rated up to 50,000 lbs.
  • Tipover/stability test
  • Cushion tester
  • High speed video equipment
  • Hydraulic clamp system
  • Incline/impact
  • Full pallet load testing

Our engineers are well versed in the use and implementation of ISTA, ASTM, Sears, Lowes, and many other testing procedures.

Legal Requirements

We'll provide certified documentation to meet legal requirements and customer's needs.

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We operate more than 20 strategically located manufacturing, design and testing facilities throughout North America, providing our customers with just-in-time delivery.

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Packaging Solutions

Sonoco’s protective solutions come in a variety of materials and designs. Our offerings address the spectrum of customer needs – including strength, protection, affordability, reusability and recyclable options – and they can be customized to your specific requirements. 

Packaging Solutions


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