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TransGuard™ for Automotive

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TransGuard™ for Automotive

A revolution in returnables

TransGuard™ returnable totes and dunnage are ideal for the automotive industry. Our returnable totes are made to ship and protect fragile, sensitive, oddly-shaped or class A surface finish components from manufacture to assembly. 

Stand Alone Totes

TransGuard Stand Alone Totes replace standard injection molded plastic totes and fabricated inserts with a single unit made from molded foam. Totes can be customized to the exact height of the product, maximizing the number of products in a stack. Like our tote inserts, they allow for complex interior customization.They are also returnable and reusable.

Custom Dunnage

Custom dunnage is ideal for applications where height customization can significantly decrease shipping costs. It provides a good solution for large, fragile and complex items that are difficult to hold. Additionally, return ratio in pallet package applications can be 2-to-1, which reduces return freight costs. Dunnage parts are typically made from EPP. We offer interlocking dunnage for plastic pallets and metal racks, as well as dunnage designed to go inside bulk bins.

Tote Inserts

TransGuard Tote Inserts are light-density parts that go into a standard injection molded tote. Products are often referred to by their size and pallet modularity as one-quarter or one-sixth tote. Tote inserts offer a savings over traditional interior dunnage.

Bulk Bin Inserts

TransGuard Bulk Bin Inserts are typically made out of EPP and go inside traditional structural foam bins, used to pack larger items. They are designed to maximize yield in truck loads and allow for deeper-than-standard parts, due to zero degree draft of process.

TransGuard Totes
  • Lightweight
  • Stackable
  • Reusable
  • Maximize truck load efficiency
  • Recyclable
Ideal Applications
  • Lights
  • Grilles
  • Trim
  • Instrument clusters/panels
  • Airbag modules
  • Windows

We operate more than 20 strategically located manufacturing, design and testing facilities throughout North America, providing our customers with just-in-time delivery.

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