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Molded Foam Components

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Molded Foam Components

Think inside the box

When product designers see how our foam components allow for assembly without screws; enable cooling and tube rounding through built-in channels; provide noise and vibration dampening; facilitate rapid prototyping with CNC tooling - they start thinking about the inside of the box in brand new ways.

What is a molded foam component?

Molded foam components are molded foam products that serve as a permanent part of the finished product throughout its useful life.

Watch the videos below to see the anatomy of molded foam component solutions for the electronics and HVAC markets.

What can a molded foam component do?
  • Serve as an internal chassis to provide structure
  • Provide a thermal barrier - keeping/preventing hot or cold
  • Fill a void while minimizing weight
  • Direct airflow in/out or within a product
  • Manage sound
  • Serve as the outer housing
  • Reduce the required number of screws, fasteners, and other assembly mechanisms
  • Feature undercuts to allow for snap fitting of tubes, wires, and other components into the foam
  • Mold with undercuts to allow two foam components to snap together

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