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Someone has to make the first one

Someone has to make the first unit and, in many cases of protective packaging and components, this sample has to be a fully functional prototype that can be used to test fit and performance.


Sonoco's Protective Packaging Solutions Division's design, sample, and testing facilities have the ability to deliver all forms of protective packaging prototypes. We can also do limited runs of packaging for test trials and marketing promotions.

Our design and testing facilities include:

  • Tri-axial CNC routers for closed-cell foams (small and large format)
  • Hotwire equipment for foam cutting
  • Kongsberg cutting table for corrugated and open-cell foams
  • Slit/score machine for boxes
  • Adhesive application equipment for assembly
  • Fastener application equipment for assembly
  • Access to 3D plastic printing
  • Fabrication shops with handsaws, radial arm saw, table saw, drill press, end mill, hotwire equipment, and handheld power tools
Material Options
  •  EPP
  • Polyurethane 
  •  EPE
  •  Corrugated
  •  EPS
  •  Formsboard
  •  PE
  •  Adhesives
  •  Arcel
  •  Sheet Plastic
  •  Paper
  •  Wood

We operate more than 20 strategically located manufacturing, design and testing facilities throughout North America, providing our customers with just-in-time delivery.

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Packaging Solutions

Sonoco’s protective solutions come in a variety of materials and designs. Our offerings address the spectrum of customer needs – including strength, protection, affordability, reusability and recyclable options – and they can be customized to your specific requirements. 



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