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Kitchen and Bath

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Kitchen and Bath

Creative solutions to match creative products

Modern day kitchen and bath solutions are only limited to the creativity of the design team and the materials they use - much like our packaging and product offerings.

At Sonoco Protective Solutions, we offer kitchen and bath packaging and component solutions using our design and molding expertise. Because we don’t just package products like yours – we make components for them, too – we know exactly what they need to arrive efficiently and safely to their destination.

Complete Packaging Solutions

We use a suite of materials to produce cost-effective total packaging solutions that meet customers’ handling and distribution needs. Our designs offer increased stacking in the warehouse, improved unit protection, increased line-packaging speeds, decreased required labor and a reduction of overall cost.

Product Solutions

Working with a leading bath fixture manufacturer, we not only developed the package for shipping shower pans, but also molded the sub-structure to support the unit. We can lend our expertise to consult and offer solutions on molded components.

Packaging and Fixture

Sometimes the package is more than just the package – like when it’s also the fixture that is used to help build the faucet on the production line. Allowing this part to do double-duty lowers financial cost and offers an environmentally friendly option.

Packaging Solutions

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